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  • Business Jet Ownership Analysis
  • Solution Based Analysis
  • Purchasing and Financing
  • Aircraft Completion Specifications and Monitoring
T.A.R.A. Management offers consulting services covering the full spectrum of topics related to business jet ownership and operation. Our experienced staff can help you analyze the correct solution for your transportation requirements and then implement the selected option in a professional manner.  From purchasing and completing aircraft, to financing and fractional ownership, T.A.R.A. Management has guided many customers through the complicated technical and financial considerations that typically precede a decision to use personal air transportation.

Beginning the process with a full understanding of the options and a clear definition of the project objectives, is very important to ensure that the full utility of the aircraft is realized. T.A.R.A. Management has the business and technical experience to guide you through the complexities of aircraft ownership in order to help you reach the best decisions. We are currently the leading provider of consulting services to the area's largest aircraft interior provider and regional F.A.A. inspectors.
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